Dayton Backup lets you access your data in these ways:

Our client software

You can always open our client software on your computer, which is already installed if you are using our services and simply select ‘Recover’ from the tabbed options. Select your files and download securely right there.

Our website

You can get to your data from any internet connected computer in the world by going to our website and using the secure login at the bottom of the page under ‘for Clients’. Just login using your email and original account password and browse through and download your data just like you were using our client software

Removable Data

Sometimes depending on the situation its best to get all of your data back all together and at once without having to wait for an entire archive download. One of our technicians can bring your data to you on a hard drive and assist you with the recovery process.

No matter how you need it we can help you get it. Call or email us today so we can talk with you more about how we can help your business forget about having to deal with backups. With us its automatic.